School strike for climate reaches the UK

The Earthbound Report

Today sees the first UK-wide Youth Strike for Climate protest, with thousands of young people expected to skip school in protest at inaction on climate change. There have been a handful of individual strikes, but this one has been organised and has got people talking.

It’s a radical idea, started by Greta Thunberg last year. From her solo protest outside the Swedish parliament, school strikes and adults taking ‘fridays for the future‘ have gone international.

There’s something very powerful about children and teenagers taking political action in this way. It forces the debate onto the agenda because it overturns social conventions and raises difficult questions. There are the practical considerations for parents, teachers and headteachers as they work out if and how to support the action. Then there’s the symbolic value of children protesting against adult inaction – a failure in the basic duty of care.

Politicians ignore…

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