An old article from February but a great, interesting read. The more and more such positive medical studies get conducted, published and proliferated across the public, the closer we are in my option to total legalization for medical and personal use. Less suffering in the world. Fewer terminal patients living pill to pill. After just going through opiate withdrawal myself on my road to recovery from severe osteoarthritis, I understand personally how horrible it is to live in pain, deal with the side effects of opiates and the struggling through the withdrawal off of them. Many days I said that I felt like I was dying. So, I commend the researchers and all who help the movement for medical marijuana which I believe will eventually lead to the total legalization of this plant. I commend all the activists who help push the movement forward. I commend all the people who even take the time to read this article and spread the information. Information and facts about the amazing medical benefits of marijuana exist and are just a google search away.

Medical Cannabis Patients Use Less Opioids, Antidepressants, and Alcohol, Study Finds | Trulieve
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