Vanessa Beeley

21st Century Wire

“Detainees were physically tortured and disfigured by several methods including whippings with power cords, batons, steel bars taken from school desks; slapping the face and kicking the body especially the injured areas; burning the skin with lit cigarettes; placing the body in a sewage compartment up to the neck and pouring sewage and waste water on wounds.

Forcing the drinking of water so that blood would thin out and bleed more while not allowing the other detainees to help stop the bleeding with their clothes; slamming the head against the wall, electrocuting and threatening use of an electric saw to dismember the body.” ~Mohammed Al Wazir

Yesterday, reports flooded corporate media in the West of the torture sites and prisons in the south of Yemen. Previous reports had also highlighted potential U.S involvement in the detention centres, with U.S forces allegedy working as interrogators in these dens of suffering for the Yemeni people.

The Legal Centre for Rights and Development in Yemen and ARWA Rights have been documenting the hideous crimes committed in these makeshift prisons and torture chambers for some time. According to Mohammed Al Wazir of Arwa Rights:

“This is what occupiers and their local forces do to subdue those who rebel against their authority.  The case in Yemen is not any different. (These torture centres have been established by) powers backing a Saudi UAE Coalition who have occupied parts of the South.  It comes as no surprise to me. I know some people who are from the South who have said that torture is rampant.”
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